Dental Implants


How are Dental implants placed?

The patient usually obtains a radiograph called a  CT scan of the upper and lower jaw.  This information allows us to analyze or view the facial structure of the patient.  With advanced technology software that has been developed to interpret this CT information, we can place now place virtual implant fixtures in the patients jawbone.   The placement is done directly i. Reviewing the CT scan on the software allows us an accurate method of determining implant placement in a 3 dimensional view.  The disciplines involved that must be coordinated in planning this treatment involve bone, tissue, as well visualization of where the definitive restoration will be placed.

The steps involved in placing implant fixtures rely on the amount of bone density the patient may present.  Namely, an immediate implant can be placed and restored with a provisional crown the same day.  the alternative method may involve placing the implant fixture and waiting at least 3 months for the bone to heal.  After the time has passed the definitive restoration(crown) can be fabricated.



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