Dentistry under Sedation and Sleep Medicine

Concerned About Visiting the Dentist?  Dentistry Under Sedation will Ensure that You will Feel No Pain and Be Absolutely and Completely Relaxed during your Dental Procedure.

Get Rid Of Your Fears and Worries with Dentistry under Sedation By Dr. Gary Turnier

Dental Anxiety: Is very much a prevalent phobia that prevents many people from obtaining essential dental care to maintain optimal oral health.  With Sedation, my office is designed to assist you in obtaining major and minor dental treatments without the fear or anxiety.  Dr. Turnier is an experienced restorative dentist that can use sedation to provide you the comfort and peace of mind that you seek in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

  • An anxiety free- visit in a relaxed and zen like ambiance
  • you will know exactly what to expect before we start
  • A pain-free dental experience with Sedation
  • Our qualified staff members by your side  to make you feel comfortable

Dr. Turnier and his team have undergone extensive training  and experience to bring his Jackson Heights patients the state-of the-art technologies and patient amenities.  These include digital-rays  and Intra-oral scanner and  to allow us a preview of your entire mouth or individual concerns as well a sedation technologies for a comfortable and anxiety -free visit.

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